About Us

We Build Tools to Circulate Abundance

We Believe...

The world has enough resources for everyone to thrive.

We Are...

We are activists and technologists from around Earth that come together for making an open networking solution for groups and community exchange. Our goal is to end scarcity as best we can in our lifetime.

Open technologies should be built to circulate these resources.

Our Plan...

We are the first business in the United States where ALL people can have a voice and stake in the collective outcome.(Learn More)Now, we want your help in building this movement with your passion and insight!

This circulation helps us co-exist in a state of abundance.

Before This...

Team AnyShare is from various countries, with multiple IT veterans with 20+ years experience. We have seen technology for in humanitarian and social evolution grow exponentially and are grateful to be part of this wave of new potential.

We're trailblazing a
new kind of Cooperative!

fairshares coop

Introducing the "Complete Cooperative"

All people included in the company bylaws, voting, and dividends!


AnyShare Society has modified the FairShares Coop Bylaws to become the first company in the United States to include all stakeholder groups in voting and dividend profit sharing. This is a milestone in how ethical companies are structured!

Transparent business inclusion through minimal investment

You are invited...

Anyone (even YOU!) can become a member of AnyShare. The "level" of your membership allows different benefits. It may include "shares", profits distribution, free promotion materials, travel opportunities, and other perks for you and your mission.

Align your ethics, community, and income with a passive investment

What is next?

We recommend you read this article on the different levels of involvement. All AnyShare Coop members are recommended to join the "community" class first. Click the button below to join this exciting new type of Cooperative!

You can co-own AnyShare!