Exchange How You Like

Share, Rent, Trade, Gift, Borrow, Buy/Sell or any combination of these you desire.

… and What You Want

Exchange any value, like things, skills, knowledge, ideas, resources, opportunities, and more.

Interact with Entries

Use the powerful list view, with search and sortable columns. Plus download your Sharing Network entries (csv, txt, json and xml formats) to print out on paper for meetings.

Groups, Communities, and more …

Sharing Networks can be customized for various uses, including by communities, meetups, schools, art and STEM projects, crowdsourcing, bio blitzes, apartment complexes, farmers markets, and more!

Grow with you

Sharing Networks can be any size and local or globally located. Translate a Sharing Networks into the language(s) that are right for your members!

Custom Look & Feel

Choose different colors, layouts, and branded themes for your Sharing Networks .

Full Privacy Control

Control the visibility of your Sharing Network with public, private, and secret (coming soon) levels of access.

Convenient Signups

Let your members join your Sharing Network using email or their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Github and Google Plus).

Sharing Networks are expandable

Access entries and user data through your own API. View your data in real-time.

Slack Integration

Your Sharing Network can send needs and resources from Slack, so you can log this valuable information right as your team uncovers it.

Google Analytics

Keep track of who’s visiting your Sharing Network with all the analytics that Google analytics brings you.

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